Personal Retirement Bonds

Personal Retirement Bonds (also known as Buy Out Bonds) are a pension plan which allows you to consolidate pensions from previous employments in your name. When you leave employment with a right to future retirement benefits, the funds to which you are entitled may be transferred from the pension scheme of your former employer into the retirement bond. A retirement bond is a single premium policy provided by an assurance company.

Why Choose a Personal Retirement Bond with

  • Choose from 7 providers
  • Low Management Charges
  • 100% allocation – no entry fees
  • Wide variety of fund choice (Equities, Bonds, Cash, Properties, Commodities and Specialist Funds)
  • Deposit Options
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Access to experienced advisors
  • You control the fund (not your previous employer)
  • We can make contact with your previous employer

How a Personal Retirement Bond works?

The bond will be invested by the assurance company (based on your fund choice) and the proceeds will be used at retirement to purchase retirement benefits. Your benefits need not be taken at the same time as benefits earned under a subsequent pension scheme. Once the bond is taken out, the retirement scheme of your former employer has no control over the funds held in it.

Benefits of a Personal Retirement Bond

  • No need to transfer to your new employer’s pension scheme.
  • Choose the fund that your money is invested in.
  • Choose when to take your benefits.
  • Any investment growth is tax-free.