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How would you cope financially if you were unable to work due to illness or injury?

Most of us need to work to pay the bills. The mortgage, credit cards, electric, phone, loan repayments, school costs and the rest. The bills don’t stop arriving – even if we are very sick.

Without a regular income, most of us would struggle to get by. If you are ill for a short period, you may be able to cope by dipping into your savings.

When you think of insuring your largest assets the main things that come to mind will be your Life, Home and Car, however one of your greatest assets is your ability to earn an income. With state benefits at €9,776 per annum a lot of sacrifices would have to be made if you lost the ability to earn an income. A common misconception is that my employer will look after me! Is that really the case? Certain employers may pay some sick pay for a time but after that you could be on your own. If you are self-employed, then no work means no income. Few of us could cope with being off work for more than 6 or 9 months.

An individual earning €40,000 will earn over €1.7 million in their lifetime. Now that is your greatest asset. offer Income Protection and quote all providers in the market place. For as little as €28.90 per month you could insure €30,000 of your income up to age 65*

  • ANY TYPE of illness or injury which prevents you from working is covered.
  • MONTHLY PAYMENTS are made until you can go back to work or retire.
  • YOU CHOOSE the level of cover you require and how soon it begins after you have to stop working.
  • YOU’RE COVERED for up to 75% of your earnings.
  • YOU QUALIFY for tax relief on your premiums up to your marginal tax rate.
  • * based on male 35 non smoker age 26 week deferred period. No indexation. Tax Relief assumed at 40%.

40% tax relief assumes singled employed individual earning €75,000 (income tax at 40%) See here for up to date tax rates

The above assumes operated under net pay arrangement by employer. See reference material at here and here.

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