Policies from industry leading life insurance companies (Zurich, Irish Life, Friends First, New Ireland, Royal London, Aviva).

Personal Details

Single life is paid out on the death of the individual covered.

Joint cover provides cover for two people and pays out the benefit on first death within the term. On the payment of the benefit the cover will then cease.
Dual life cover is provided separately for the two lives. As the two lives are covered independently, a claim for one of the lives has no impact of the levels of cover relating to the other lives.

First life

Second life

First Person Policy

Life Insurance

*Based on monthly premium payment and a minimum policy term of 10 years. The discount is applied for the first twelve months only. Subject to underwriting and insurers terms.

We only quote the lowest monthly options. In certain cases convertible term, indexation policies and dual life policies may be preferable and customers should contact us to obtain quotes for these options. compare all the market providers to offer you the lowest quote available. We are currently offering up to a 50%* discount on the first twelve months premium.

Unlike other providers we allow individuals on monthly payment plans to benefit from a discount in their first years premium.

A Life Insurance plan is essential for anyone who has dependants. Nobody likes to think about it, but have you considered the financial impact your death would have on the lives of your loved ones?

A Life Insurance plan helps you plan for unforeseen events by providing protection that is perfectly suited to your needs.

You simply choose the level of cover you need and the period that you want the cover to last. With Life Insurance, the amount of cover you choose at the start of the plan will remain fixed over the term of the plan. The premium you pay is also guaranteed to remain fixed throughout the term. SmartQuotes compare the market to provide a competitive quote for you based on the information given and your requirements.

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