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Personal Details

Single life is paid out on the death of the individual covered.

Joint cover provides cover for two people and pays out the benefit on first death within the term. On the payment of the benefit the cover will then cease.
Dual life cover is provided separately for the two lives. As the two lives are covered independently, a claim for one of the lives has no impact of the levels of cover relating to the other lives.

First life

Second life

First Person Policy

*Based on monthly premium payment and a minimum policy term of 10 years. The discount is applied for the first twelve months only. Subject to underwriting and insurers terms.

What is Specified Illness Cover?

Specified Illness cover is a long-term insurance policy designed to pay a lump sum on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening or debilitating (but not necessarily fatal) conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis and loss of limbs. The specified illnesses covered vary between providers and can change from time to time. Where you have requested a quote and a specified illness option has been included we will provide you with a breakdown of the illnesses covered by that insurer.

Serious illness insurance does not usually cover you for common conditions such as diabetes or certain treatable cancers. Also, if you develop an illness that is listed on the policy it does not guarantee you will be covered. Your condition must match your policy’s exact definition of the illness. On receipt of a formal quotation we will provide a list of illnesses covered by the relevant insurer. This is important and should be reviewed in detail.

There are a number of different types of specified illness cover:

  • Accelerated Specified Illness Cover
  • Life Cover with Standalone Specified Illness Cover
  • Standalone Specified Illness Cover compare all the market providers to offer you the lowest cost monthly option. We are also currently offering up to 50%* of the first twelve months premiums on Specified Illness Cover.

We only quote the lowest cost monthly option. In certain cases convertible term, indexation policies and dual life policies may be preferable and customers should contact us

Accelerated Specified Illness Cover

Life cover with attaching Specified Illness Cover under the one policy.

A Specified Illness claim payment reduces your remaining life cover by that amount i.e. advance payment of Life Cover.

This can be an option with both Mortgage Life Assurance and standard Life Assurance. For example if the Mortgage Life Cover was for €200,000 and the Accelerated Specified Illness benefit was for say for example €50,000. On the diagnosis of a specified illness 25% of the outstanding mortgage balance at the time is paid to the Mortgage provider with reduce the mortgage balance (and the remaining cover)

Life Cover with Standalone Specified Illness Cover

This is specified illness cover where a claim does not reduce the level of life cover

Standalone Specified Illness Cover

This is specified illness cover with no life cover benefit
NB: The quotes returned above are for standalone Specified Illness Cover. If other options are required please contact us on 01 498 0005.

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